"IPL 7 Extraaa Innings gave me immense popularity and a humongous fan following"

The Hash Mag got into an exclusive interaction with DJ Paroma to know more about her journey from an air hostess to a successful DJ.

Please tell us more about your journey from an air hostess to a successful DJ.

It never was a fairy-tale dream for me, of me sometime in the future standing up there in front of thousands and going crazy. In-fact, there was never a dream! While I was an air hostess, I just had no vision, no goals of a future in the same industry. More like I was comfortable earning what I was and just working mechanically as I was expected to do so. After I lost my father on one of my flights while I was in Shanghai, I felt like that little that was left in me to fly, was also dying. And the feeling just wasn't good because I knew I was very ambitious. Well, one fine day after giving 5 years of my life to the airline industry, I knew I had to make a move and a drastic one. I just decided to go and quit, not wanting to be a part of it even a single day. I even did not serve a notice period.

Later on went to join the retail industry and then a company for client servicing. Now, this was even worse as I had nothing concrete in my head. I knew I could not just go on trying things and then realize I wasn't happy and then move on.

I gave myself a 3-month break to clear up my mind and exactly figure what I wanted to do. I had always enjoyed music, in general, since childhood. But, there was no such passion associated with it. However, a gut feeling inside led to gather courage to try out Dj'ing. I did some online research to find out how many and who would I be competing with. Not many then though, but they were big. Anyway, did a proper certified course in an institute under Bob Omulo from Bombay Bassment. Then a struggle (not a very bad one though).. But yes, from earning about a lac per month to being an assistant DJ to someone with a salary for 4,000 a month, may be called one.

Things started picking up slowly and there was finally a time when there was no looking back. And here I am.

DJ Paroma

What’s your views on the status of live entertainment industry in India?

My journey in the entertainment industry has not been too long but yes, in 7 years it has changed drastically, for the better or worse. I would not comment on that, but change is constant. The music scene, the people's tastes, the different genres, everything has changed and will continue to. As an artist, you just need to (sometimes) I guess go with what the demand is. I say sometimes, because I also feel sticking to what you are best known for really, works and makes you stand out from the lot.

You have been travelling a lot globally for your shows. How do you see international stage compared to India?

Well, yes, I am blessed to be traveling globally a lot. The audience is certainly different, and I do get a bit nervous sometimes because it definitely is a different profile. But, I guess it all boils down to the energy and the vibe that the artist throws to the audience. Once you settle in, then everything is the same. For me, it is exciting anyway, whether India or abroad.

What kind of challenges have you faced to become a successful DJ in the industry?

I have been very lucky that I never had to face any challenges or obstructions as such. I have been learning and growing each day and every gig is an experience on its own and I want this to keep coming. Even if I have to face any in the future, I am ready for it.

Would you like to share your experience of being a jury member for Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs 2017?

Well being a part of Zee Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is a journey itself. I am very honoured that I could be a part of two of their seasons and it all happened because of Wajid from the famous Saijd - Wajid duo and Eric Pillai, the famous Sound Engineer of India. They are both very close to me and really thought I deserved to be a part of it and honestly, that is how I got it. In the bargain, I certainly learnt a lot. But nothing beats the talent that we have hidden in the nook and corners of our country. Gave me Goosebumps each single time I heard a voice sing.

You have also been a part of IPL. How was your experience?

Being the official DJ for IPL 7 Extraaa Innings was actually what gave me the 'Fame' then, when I was hardly even known. We had tons of fun on the sets and Sony got me in the frame very often with lots of interactions. That is how I gained popularity and a humongous fan following.

You have been associated with some big music labels like T-Series, Sony and Zee Music. Please tell us something more about it.

Yes, I did do some official remixes for some of the most popular numbers on these labels. It's always fun to try out something which does not sound anywhere close to your bootlegs. I tried to keep it that way and I think I got a great positive response each time. So yes, was great working with labels like Sony music, Zee Music and T-Series.

What advice would you like to give to the upcoming generation to be successful in the music industry?

So, I don't think success comes with any advice. There was no one to guide me or help me get gigs or in anything for that matter. I was on my own and I carved my own path and here I am, not very successful yet as I believe I still have a long long way to go and want to reach out to a bigger audience in the coming years, but I would certainly like to advice the upcoming generation to only and only believe in yourself. There will be people who will pull you down but if you know you are on the right path, nothing will affect you. So just be confident and don't forget to showcase your talent, because if it’s not a package of looks with SKILLS, you can never go on too long.

What are your next plans?

Not marriage for sure! Just Kidding. I don't make plans. Right things at the right time will always happen. And that's called destiny. So fingers crossed for good to always happen.

Do you think Bollywood should be the ultimate goal for every artist?

Not at all. In fact, it's a turn on for me to see some really good-looking men and ladies in different professions. For me, I have always been more inclined to someone who is intelligent, humorous, carry themselves well, etc. Good looks aren't in our hands literally and not that being in Bollywood means you aren't intelligent, but I think stepping into Bollywood should not be the ultimate goal for all. Remember there are thousands fighting there for a piece of cake. One needs to know their strengths and if you excel through it, then you become the star of your field anyway.

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