"For me creativity is exploring the unexplored"

Mr. Jenis Makwana of JM: The Design Consultant Studio is the right example of the people who defy creative ideas and always tries to give best & unique. The Hash Mag got into an exclusive interaction with him to know more about his definition of creativity and roadmap.

Kindly tell us about your studio. How has been your journey so far?

So far, the journey has been good. We are mainly into three different verticals – Interior Design, Brand Design & Digital Marketing. Apart from architecture & interior material that we source from local and international market, we have professional tie-ups with various consultants and talents across the globe. This helps us deliver a complete solution to our clients under one roof. We have couple of offices in Mumbai, we are in a good position to serve our clients with different requirements. As you can see, we are working with different verticals, including real estate, retail, hospitality & hotels, etc.

Pre -notion mindset often limits the creativity of the designer. However, you have been defying these limitations. What's your rationale behind this and how do you attain this?

I completely agree with you. Pre -notion mindset is not good any designer. Each design should be unique and be conceptualized based on the merit of the project and client's requirement. I have seen the "Signature" concept is often misunderstood in India. We are the designers and we are designing for the clients, and not for our own. Hence, as a designer, I must design what client wants and as per projects demand, not what I want to showcase my signature.

Every project should be treated as a unique project. Hence, we focus on delivering customized and exclusive design concepts. This approach complements our vision and keeps us in-sync with the client. Pre -notion mindset is completely a wrong move to start with. At JM, we take different approach. I, basically, start by understanding the project requirement and client's idea or vision behind this project.

Then, we do the market research to understand client's competition, about client’s product's and positioning offering in the market. Then we understand the target audience or customers and the growth direction.

How do you maintain balance between physical and digital space, as both are very different but sometimes interrelated to each other?

I think both the things should go together and for me. They both perform the role of story-tellers for the client. Although they require different treatment and approach, there need to be a synergy in both these platforms. They should speak and deliver the same message, be it digital or physical. And that's why I emphasize on working with the same agency to design physical space and digital space campaigns. This strategy or approach will surely help clients to avoid lots of miss-communications and time wastage, resulting into reduced turnaround time to give better results.

This also becomes very important from the project point of view to get the right direction without spending extra money. If you look at our studio, we have talent which comes with wide experience across the verticals. Be it interior designing, brand designing or digital marketing, we are equipped to deal with all sorts of challenges to give desired results to the client's.

What keeps you going ahead and what changes have you made to keep up with changing times?

Frankly speaking, the journey has been exciting and challenging. It's been 18 years, and I think I still have a long way to go. I always wants to better my last project and that's my driving force. I really don't believe in doing routine and regular stuff and the desire to come up with something different and unique this has inspired me throughout my journey.

When I look at changing times, I think the market is really evolving and clients have become more matured. Hence, the focus is more on innovation, technology and complete solution.

You are a vivid lover of creativity. What's your definition of creativity?

For me, creativity is exploring the unexplored. However, there are lots of factors associated with it. When you talk of a creativity, according to me it covers the totality of the project. Creativity is just not about design, it's about vision. Market placement, design that's complementing the product, budgetary value, and finally, the emotional appeal. Sometimes, clients have different ideas about creativity or they have some different vision about how they wish to see the final product. As a designer, it is very important for me to keep all these factors in mind while conceptualizing the design. Hence, I believe there must have a comprehensive approach while designing any project.

As you work with different sectors, do you think these sectors have a pre –mindset when it comes to design or creativity?

Every vertical or project is unique and has very specific requirements. I have been working with different clients who have different approach when it comes to their project or products. For me, every project is different and I treat them individually, as it encourages me to do better.

When we talk about creativity, I think verticals like retail, restaurants and hospitality gives us more and bigger ground to play. We can play with different ideas, concepts and approaches. Now, let's take an example of real-estate. In this vertical, the size of imagination is huge. I would say, we are seeing more creative opportunity in the sectors where there is constant interaction. There we are seeing a wider scope for creativity.

What's your roadmap ahead?

It's going to be more challenging, and I and my team are ready for all these challenges. Be it mental preparations or direction, I am well prepared for emerging and changing times. My vision is to a contributor to all verticals that I and my team are working with. I want to create a solution that people can remember. You know I believe in saying “Hands should be wider, not longer. I have been working tireless for all these years and I would be working in future too. For me, it's more about my clients, their respective projects and less about me.


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