STULZ Launches Scalable Compact Server Rooms (CSR) for Hospitals, in India

Germany-based STULZ group, the market leaders in mission-critical cooling solutions, today launched their scalable Compact Server Rooms (CSR) for hospitals, in India.  Ready to deploy CSRs occupy minimal space vis-à-vis conventional brick and mortar server rooms.
STULZ CSRs come with all key design aspects of a conventional server room including On Board Cooling, Telecommunication and Storage System, Security, Fire Suppression, and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). 
They can be deployed indoors to meet the IT requirements of a hospital unit as a whole or to cater to individual IT requirements of Pathology, MRI, CT, OT areas etc. STULZ CSRs minimize the physical footprint and energy consumed as compared to the traditional model.
They are a highly cost-effective solution to quickly build up localized IT capacity where it is needed and to ensure that business-critical accessibility is maintained. Speaking at the launch, Mr. Suresh Balakrishnan, Joint Managing Director, STULZ CHSPL India, said, “STULZ, being the global leader in mission-critical cooling solutions, is uniquely positioned to provide Compact Server Rooms tailored to the needs of the hospital segment in line with their rising need for Edge Computing. These innovative space-saving solutions are not only highly power efficient, but also fully scalable, being modular. Their scalability makes them the perfect solution to meet both current needs and future growth.”
STULZ Compact Server Rooms are available in one to four rack configurations.

STULZ is showcasing the Compact Server Rooms for hospitals at the Hospital Planning and Infrastructure (H.P.I) Annual Convention from 11 to 13 October 2018 in Mumbai, at the Bombay Exhibition Centre.

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